In order to calculate the shipping cost correctly, for foreign customers who want the products to be delivered outside Italy, please follow these steps:

Send an email to the address adding all the information about the place where you want to receive your order, a phone number if you want to be contacted to a different email address (real data please).

Define the delivery conditions, for example: fast delivery, ensured delivery...

Specify the products you want to buy

We will contact you per email soon (approximately in 2/3 days) and we will communicate the total expense, including the shipping cost and the different payment conditions available. As soon as your payment is received, the products you ordered will be sent. You can always be updated thanks to the order’s tracking details.

At the moment, when you check out the shipping cost for foreign countries, you will see a fixed fee, as the system doesn’t allow to change it according to the weigh and the place of destination. For this reason, to safeguard your order, I ask you to follow this procedure.

Thanks for your attention